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You’ve been considering laser eye surgery but are wondering if it’s a good investment. Download this guide to discover: 

  • Is vision correction surgery worth the cost?

  • How does it compare to the costs of contact lenses and glasses?

  • How do the risks of contact lenses compare to surgery risks?

  • What are ALL the costs associated with surgery?

  • How do the surgery payments break down into monthly installments?

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Get to know the eye experts

Discover our laser eye surgeons in the heart of Zurich

Dr. Victor Derhartunian

Ophthalmologist, specialist in refractive surgery


Having learned his craft from the two pioneers of laser surgery, Dr. Victor Derhartunian is one of the leading surgeons in Europe. The senior eye surgeon at EyeLaser in Zurich can advise his patients in 5 languages.


Dr. Nadine Gerber

Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon


Dr. Nadine Gerber has been part of the EyeLaser team since 2018. Together with Dr. Derhartunian, she looks after refractive and general ophthalmological consultations.


Dr. Dominique Mustur

Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon


Dr. Dominique Mustur has been a member of the EyeLaser team since 2019.