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Examination costs

Every eye treatment begins with a consultation and a comprehensive preliminary ophthalmological examination.


FREE 15-30 Min.
  • Includes all measurements of fast screening + individual in house counselling, explanation of correction methods

Full examination

290,- 90 Min.
  • Includes all measurements required for the vision correction surgery, at the end we chose together the most suitable method for the patient (cost will be deducted from the surgery in Zurich)

Risk-free consultation

Learn all about the benefits of laser eye treatment in a free initial consultation. The costs of the preliminary examination will be deducted from the price of the treatment in Zurich.

Laser vision correction prices/costs

Join over 100,000,000 happy people who no longer need glasses and contact lenses (price/eye)

Why do some surgeons/clinics advise against SmartSight or Relex-Smile Method?

In principle, the SmartSight or Relex Smile method should only be discouraged if the treating physician has no technology available or is not proficient in this innovative small incision technique.