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Meet Dr Victor Derhartunian, renowned ophthalmologist & LASIK surgeon

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Dr Victor Derhartunian

In this video, Dr. Victor Derhartunian talks you through his training and experience

Dr Victor Derhartunian

Since his residency, refractive surgery has become a passion for Dr Derhartunian. The combination of medicine, tissue interaction, cutting-edge technology, sophisticated research with rapid translation into clinical work, and most importantly, the customization of these products, the individual tailoring for a person make this profession exactly right for him.

“Every person is different, most people want the best quality of vision. Combining these two worlds makes this job fascinating and unique for me every day.” – Dr Victor Derhartunian

After Dr. Victor Derhartunian’s residency:

2009-2013 IROC & Pallas private eye clinics in Switzerland
2013- settlement of EyeLaser Vienna/own refractive surgery clinic
2016-settlement of EyeLaser Zurich with Visilab Group, refractive surgery clinic in Switzerland
2019- settlement of SwissLaser Warsaw/own refractive surgery clinic in Poland

The senior eye surgeon at EyeLaser, Dr. Victor Derhartunian, FEBO, learned his craft from the two pioneers of laser surgery: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohnen (University Eye Clinic Frankfurt) and Prof. Dr. Theo Seiler (IROC Institute Zurich). These pioneers performed the world’s first laser eye surgery. Dr. Derhartunian uses this invaluable knowledge today. It has allowed him to become one of the leading surgeons in Europe and develop laser eye surgery procedures even further.

Dr. Victor Derhartunian studied medicine at the University of Vienna. He completed his education as a specialist at the prestigious University Eye Clinics in Erlangen, Frankfurt, and the UK.

From 2009 Dr. Derhartunian worked mainly in Switzerland at the IROC Institute alongside Prof. Dr. Theo Seiler, the pioneer and leading expert in refractive surgery.

Dr. Derhartunian can consult his patients in five languages: German, English, French, Russian and Polish. This allows for smooth communication during the consultation with international patients.


  • Dr. med. univ. Victor Derhartunian, FEBO

What’s your role with the company:

  • Refractive surgeon & management

What are your areas of expertise:

  • Laser refractive surgery, phakic IOLs, crosslinking, keratoconus, cornea repairs

What are your professional qualifications & certifications?

  • Medical school Vienna 2002
  • Specialist in Ophthalmology 2008
  • FEBO/Paris 2009

Several cataract eye camps in India 11/2009-03/2010

Dr. Derhartunian has restored the vision of several hundred people who could not afford cataract surgery. This took place not only in the city of Jaipur but also in the entire province of Rajasthan.

“It was a life experience that still affects me every day. Far away from western medicine, it is not about perfect vision but rather about being blind or “seeing”.” – Dr. Victor Derhartunian